Their Story

My students come from some of the most impoverished and dangerous parts of Memphis. Born into the cycle of generational poverty, they face overwhelming challenges. But the gangs, violence, and poverty doesn't have to be the end of their story.

These students are intelligent, creative, and passionate. Many do not come to school with the same support other children receive from home. And most do not understand how education could open doors to a world they have never known.

But because these youth have less than most, they are more easily engaged by external rewards such as food and prizes. If properly used, these external rewards can help prepare these students academically until the day comes when they are mature enough to realize how academic skills can lead to a better life.

Our Vision

Leveraging a plan based on cutting edge Harvard research, the goal is to lead a group of inner-city students at Geeter Middle School to outperform every other school in the state of Tennessee on the end-of-year assessment.

This result would be shocking to the state and likely the nation. It would prove that inner-city youths are just as capable as other students, thereby renewing the resolve to make investments that will help low-income students achieve their potential.

In the process, students who are several grade levels behind will need to make huge leaps. By providing an intricate set of incentives and rewards not usually offered in the classroom, students will be motivated to forth unusual effort. The end result will be students who are much better prepared to move on to high school and, eventually, college and careers.

We Need Your Help

While I will be contributing hundreds of unpaid hours to tutor students and run the program as well as donating over $1,500 from my teacher's salary, it won't be enough to fully fund the program. But you can help!

Please visit our crowdfunding website to contribute and share our effort with others.

Your donation will unlock the potential of 100+ students!






My Students


Living in Poverty
Entering 7th Grade on a Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Math Level

Strategy 95%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Development 90%
A Compelling Idea

The monumental problem facing inner-city schools is that students, for a variety of complex reasons, are not motivated to excel in school. For decades, teachers and schools have used countless strategies to instill low-income children with this drive. But they have evidently failed.

The problem is that their approach has been out of touch with the realities that shape these students' beliefs and attitudes.

While it is true that they must one day gain a powerful sense of intrinsic motivation, we cannot afford to

It's time we realize that


Essential class materials, including manipulative and digital aides


Incentives for Quality Homework Completion


650 boxes of pizza to incentivize attendance at 130 tutoring sessions for groups of 20 students


Incentives for Showing Mastery of Essential Math Standards and Rigorous End-of-Quarter Tests